Sa, 11. Mai 2013
10:00 – 12:30 und 14:00 – 16:30, AvW, Raum F EG 02

Habib Samandi is a native Tunisian, who specializes in traditional arabic percussions and considered as one of the masters in Tunisia of Darbuka, his first instrument. He is a multi- percussionist interested also in african and latin percussion.

Habib has been involved in several projects over the last twenty years, performing in different countries as Tunisia, France, Germany, Kasakhstan, Spain, Libanon, Algeria, Italy and Austria, playing in various styles: world music, jazz, pop, rock, electronic, folklore and klassic arabic music.

In his workshop Habib Samandi teaches the three basic arabic instruments:

–       Darbuka (goblet drum),
–       Riq (tambourine)
–       Bendir or Duff (frame drum)

He engages all levels from advanced to beginners and the students learn:

–       posture
–       sounds (Dom, Tek, Slap)
–       patterns (symetric and asymetric)
–       range of rhythm from north africa (Maghreb), Middle East, Golf Area

The next step is how to:

–       play together and inter-act (polyrhytmus)
–       prepare to perform percussion solo
–       play those traditional patterns on other instruments as drum set or vibraphone.