Masterclass JOEY BLAKE – Voices and Bodies in Time

Instrumental Vocal Singing

This is the art of using the voice from a instrumental perspective, learning to recognize and simulate an instruments role & function as it pertains to each specific musical  style.

Exploring not only the sound of the instrument but also it’s specific texture. e.g. comparing the sound of a trumpet as it’s played in a Latin ensemble vs when it’s played in a symphony orchestra. The same instrument will have uniquely different tones.

We will discuss this and find the best vocal technique to accomplish this.


The Circle Song is designed to help each participant explore the art of Improvised Vocal Expression.This would include the art of instrumental singing and vocal improvisation, as it relates to specific styles of music and their particular instrumentation.

The ultimate goal is to give each participant a renewed sense of freedom to discover there own style of  vocal expression and improvisation. We also hope to break down  barriers by reinforcing each person’s confidence in their ability to take risks.

Di., 26. Mai und Mi., 27. Mai 2015

Beginn: 10.00 Uhr  – 10.00 bis 12.30 und 14.00 bist 17.00 Uhr

Ort: 1030 Wien, Anton-von-Webern Platz 1, Bauteil F – Seminarraum F0139


Kosten für externe Teilnehmer: 20 Euro

für Studierende und Lehrende der mdw gratis

Joey Blake